And so, ALC203 begins

It’s O-week, T1, 2017 and our unit sites have just opened. I’ve already discovered that ALC203 will be as far removed from a ‘traditional’ university unit as anything I’ve experienced before, and that’s kind of exciting.

After a quick – very quick – perusal of the Week 0 and Week 1 study guides, I’ve had a frenzy of digital identification; I’m now on Twitter, WordPress,, added subscriptions to Soundcloud and YouTube channels, and I’m about exhausted.

The next little task will be to run back through all those new digital IDs I’ve given myself, and make sure they’re firstly coherent, and secondly informative – what’s the point of having my “name” out there, but it meaning nothing to anyone who comes across them.

Let the reading, chasing, writing, thinking, analysis and observation begin. Looking forward to this unit immensely.